How to use Google plus for business


How to use Google plus for business

Though Google + is not as popular a social platform as Facebook or twitter, you cannot afford to ignore Google+ for business. The reasons are as follows:

  1. It is a great visibility platform, especially for small businesses. Small businesses have come to realize that using the strength of this platform to make the business known to the target audience can vastly increase the exposure and attract more foot traffic.
  2. Google+ can be used effectively as a distribution hub of your entire internet marketing strategy. The great advantage is the system of circles. So, you can deliver coupons and promotions to selected circles depending on how loyal your target market is.
  3. Hangouts and helpouts in Google+ can be used to host free webinars which in turn can be used to generate new business leads. They build a sort of personal interaction even before any actual transaction takes place in your business. Before you buy google plus ones,  make sure you have the right vendors

The methods of using Google+

  • Create a Google+ page. Go to your profile and then select the option create a page. The most important task at this time is to choose your category right. These are as follows:
    • Local place or business applies for location bound brick and mortar business like hotels, restaurants and stores.
    • Product or brand refers to websites, cars, electronic goods, apparel etc.
    • Company, institution or organization generally refers to the service based businesses.
    • Art, entertainment or sports encompass television, film, art and sports world.
    • Any business which cannot fit under any of the above categories can be put under others.
  • The profile page now has to be personalized. Use an icon in the profile photo which your customers can easily recognize. It can be your company logo, but it must be the same as any logo that you use in your Facebook and twitter profile.
  • Enter a tagline. It should be a clear and succinct description of your business.
  • The next tool is the scrapbook. Here, you should add photos which will make the greatest visual appeal to your customers. These can be photos of your products or famous people who are endorsing it or anything that is likely to impress your customers.
  • Use the introduction section with care. Put in information from your company website and include links to other anchor text.
  • Be sure to fill up the contact information part. Provide only those contact ways to which you will be able to give a prompt reply.
  • List your links in order of priority in the recommended links section of your profile. These links should lead to your Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn profiles.
  • Finally, be sure to add status update before this new Google+ page is announced. This update will give the visitors an idea of what to expect from your page. Make your updates public because only these will be visible to those who are not yet connected to you.

So, use these simple steps to use Google+ for business and increase your presence over the internet. –