Planning a Mombasa vacation for your well being

Mombasa has emerged as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kenya. If you are planning a Mombasa vacation, here are some important things that you should know:


  • Mombasa is connected by air to Nairobi and a number of other African and European cities. Kenya Airways offer the largest options of flights and destinastions.
  • You can also travel from Nairobi to Mombasa by train. It is time taking, but a beautiful journey where you get to see the wildlife on your way.
  • Matatus (mini buses) and tuk tuks (auto-rickshaws) are cheap, crowded and highly popular with the locals. You can ride in one for experience, but it is better to use taxis for your trip.


As Mombasa begins to attract more and more tourists, a variety of accommodations have emerged here. There are luxury as well as budget hotels. It has also become common to rent luxurious villas, especially on the beach where you can enjoy privacy as well as the lavish lifestyle with every modern amenities. In recent years, there has been a huge growth in the demands for Mombasa vacation rentals. Serviced apartments of various sizes and amenities are available in Mombasa. You can search the internet, look at the pictures and the reviews and book the best Mombasa vacation rentals. The more expensive options even come with facilities like gym and swimming pool. These vacation rentals are a great option if you plan to stay for some time and experience the local way of life. However, you should book well in advance because many of them are booked for months.

Food and drink

When you are planning your Mombasa vacation, be ready to experience a variety of foods and drinks. The local cuisine is extremely varied. You can taste Chinese, Indian, African fusion food, grilled dishes and seafood of very good quality in Mombasa. A number of pubs and bars offer good places to drink. Mombasa has a vibrant nightlife. However, it is not safe to drink tap water. You should also avoid eating raw or uncooked foods.

Things to see and do

When you have gone for your Mombasa vacation, you may be very active and visit all the attractions, or simply relax and enjoy the beautiful beaches. If you do decide to be active, here are some suggested activities for your Mombasa vacation:

  • Beaches are the major attraction. You can swim, enjoy the various water sports or just sunbathe. The main beaches are English Point, Nyali, Bamburi, Shanzu, Tiwi and Diani.
  • The Mombasa tusks built in 1956 in Moi Avenue to honor Princess Margaret are a major landmark in the city.
  • You can visit the Hindu temples with a guide. They offer a fantastic insight into the cultural diversity of Mombasa.
  • The Bombolulu workshop is the largest rehabilitation center of the physically disabled in Africa. See the local people creating jewelry, paintings and textile and buy your mementoes from here.
  • A visit to the Funzi island must be included in your plans for Mombasa vacations.

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